A few pictures from the institute.

Makers Market 2023 7.jpe

Makers Market 2023 6.jpe

Makers Market 2023 5.jpe

Makers Market 2023 4.jpe

Makers Market 2023 3.jpe

Makers Market 2023 2.jpe

Makers Market 2023.jpe

Field Day 2023 Drummers

Field Day 2023 Sign

Field Day 2023 Race Track

Field Day 2023 Classic Cars

Field Day 2023

Field Day 2023 Gazebo

Painting Party 3.JPG

Painting Party 2.JPG

Painting Party 1.JPG

Rebuilding the wall

Interior of Hall April 2018

Jubilee party

New Lights

Kitchen September 2018 (2).JPG

Kitchen September 2018.JPG

View of hall from the field April 2019.JPG

View from the lane April 2019.JPG


Tombola 2

Tea and cakes

Plant stall

Pink ladies

Cake stall




New Floor January 2021

Coffee Morning Preparations 2018

Field Day 2015

Field Day Tug Of War 2015

Field day 2016

Art Trail Cafe

Art Trail Kids

Art Trail stalls (outdoors)

Art Trail Stalls

Art Trail Buskin

Dog Show Panorama

Dog Show prize winners

Egg throwing game Field Day 2015

Halloween Party

Field Day Tug of war 2016